LSDautomate: your supported open source automation toochain for devops


Your supported open source automation
toolchain for devops enablement

LSDautomate - Your supported open source automation toolchain for DevOps enablement


Your supported open source automation
toolchain for devops enablement.

LSDautomate - Your supported open source automation toolchain for DevOps enablement

What is LSDautomate?

LSDautomate is a set of automation tools, integrated together and deployed on
Kubernetes to give you a complete DevOps automation platform.

LSDautomate is an open source, Kubernetes-native DevOps automation toolchain,
integrated and fully managed to accelerate cloud-native DevOps awesomeness.

LSDautomate enables repeatability

An open source DevOps toolchain, which includes pre-built scaffolds for popular languages and frameworks, designed to address the majority of SDLC automation use-cases.This allows your product teams to get a jumpstart on Kubernetes-native CI/CD.

LSDautomate integrated components

LSDautomate ships with integrated, Kubernetes-native components - meaning no time is lost configuring and wiring together your DevOps toolchain.

LSDautomate consistency

Drive consistency and repeatability while reducing delivery time frames, whether your use case is end-to-end CI/CD for bespoke applications or cloud infrastructure automation.

LSDautomate Day 2 Ops

Remove the pain of integrating, monitoring, managing and patching your DevOps automation toolchain.

LSDautomate 24/7 Support

24x7 Support globally for your platforms and teams using it.


Day 2 Ops - Fully managed, upgraded and patched automation toolchain.
Scaffolding for common automation flows
Reduce lock-in and vendor/cloud dependency with neutral technologies
Zero cost community or enterprise software options
Fully integrated with your existing environment, tools and teams
Assistance with application and end-user support¹
Bi-weekly advisory workshop (45 minutes)

¹This support is provided to the teams using the Kubernetes platform and requires assistance to troubleshoot any problems. This does not include remediation and LSD does not fix an application or code as part of this service.

Who would use LSDautomate?

This all sounds great, but who is LSDautomate for?

Here are some real-world examples where LSDautomate will make a difference:

Teams that need to automate manual tasks and processes so that their developers can be more productive

Teams that need to reduce human error in tasks and processes

Teams that don't have the in-house talent or skills to manage cloud native platforms

Teams that need to automate infrastructure commissioning

Dev teams that need to release new features and fixes faster

Businesses that are tired of expensive software license costs and renewals

Teams that need 24/7 Support

Tech Stack

LSDautomate supports the following tech

What's Next

Get started with LSDautomate and
access to our whole team from
as little as $8,000.00 per month*

* Pricing for emerging markets available
* ZAR-based pricing available for South Africa-based companies

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